Consulting & Training

Free First Consultation

Our first consultation is always free. We believe that before anything, we’d like to meet, or e-meet if we can’t in person, to establish a relationship. In this consultation we’ll be able to assess exactly what you’re looking for, and then be able to proceed with a detailed and accurate plan of action.


Web Audits & Business Consulations

Understanding your business in the online landscape is becoming more and more important. We offer a complete and comprehensive look into your health online, including your social media, website, traffic and web infrastructure. We can then create recommendations for your organization on how to increase your productivity and efficiency, and your online presence.


Web & Program Training

Alongside consultations, we offer web and program training, including Microsoft Office Suite training. With experience teaching people of all ages, from kids to elders, from casual to professional settings, we can prepare your organization for the web world.