VNFC 50th

On the 29th of September, we volunteered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. The Friendship Centre was founded with a single employee, who worked out of a small office, helping Indigenous people transition from rural communities to city life. When Indigenous people were first allowed to live off reserves in the late 1960s and 1970s, they found themselves away from their families, friends and culture, and Friendship Centres aimed to help these people find housing, work and education, as well as providing a place to meet with other Indigenous people who share common cultural practices.

The 50th celebration was held at the VNFC to celebrate the 50 years the Centre has been operating, providing vital services and programming to Indigenous peoples all over Greater Victoria. The celebration saw cedar beeding with elders, a venison stew and full lunch, fresh bannock, live music, drumming and other actitivites. We were happy to celebrate with the Centre and their staff, and felt priveleged when they asked us to create the website for their 50th anniversary, including a full history feature. Here's to another 50!

You can find more infoprmation about the VNFC here: and the 50th celebration here: