Victoria Titan

As both avid participants and organizers ourselves, we have a vested interest in e-sports, and certainly in our local esports scene. Our game of choice: Super Smash Brothers. As a sponsor of some local esports events, we're proud to be engaging with and supporting a community and scene just emerging, especially with youth, and one that we are passionate about. In the future, we're looking to sponsor more events, and possibly start hosting our own; but one step at a time.

This event in particular has a close connection to us; as we built the website, we realized this is what we could do for a living. As we had seen firsthand that many non-profits didn't have the time or resources to deal with websites, we figured we could offer this service to them at an affordable but professional way. In a roundabout way, trying to advertise a small local esports tournament was the launching point for our whole business.