Community Engagement

Our mission at UrsaSol is as much about engaging and giving back to the community as it is about our passion for web design. Whether it's an individual, an organization or a business, it's important to remember we all contribute to the community and can all do our part to make it a prosperous and mutually beneficial environment. We take pride in being active in the community, and you'll find us volunteering around in some way.

Gathering Our Voices 2019

We were so grateful to be able to volunteer at Gathering Our Voices 2019, as well as having the privilege of being a part of the registration team in 2019. From manning the registration desk early in the morning, to helping coordinate the workshops, to attending those workshops with the youth delegates, GOV was as much a learning experience for us as it was an amazingly fun event.

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Back to School Picnic

Having been volunteers for a few years now, we were happy again to volunteer at the Back to School Picnic. The event, hosted yearly in towns all over the province of British Columbia, provides children from kindergarten to grade 12 with school supplies, and also has many activities including a free barbeque lunch, games, prizes and fun activities for all families.

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Victoria Titan

As both avid participants and organizers ourselves, we have a vested interest in e-sports, and certainly in our local esports scene. Our game of choice: Super Smash Brothers. As a sponsor of some local esports events, we're proud to be engaging with and supporting a community and scene just emerging, especially with youth, and one that we are passionate about.

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