About Us

We are a professional team, with a passion for web design and social economy in BC. Our team has a simple vision: work collaboratively with clients to provide professional web solutions for non-profits, small businesses and social enterprises. As an Aboriginal organization, we bring an Indigenous perspective to our business, focusing on community, sustainability and building partnerships. Our focus on customer satisfaction and our personal approach helps us to understand exactly what our clients need and want and deliver them products and services that help lift them up. We take the worry about websites and programs away from our clients, so they can focus on things that matter to them.

Our Name

UrsaSol is a combination of Ursa, meaning Bear, and Sol meaning Sun. The sunbear, also known as the honey bear, is a bear species which lives in south-east Asia and are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species. Much like most bear species, in particular the polar bear, bears are at heavy risk due to factors like deforestation, global warming and habitat destruction. The bear has a very close connection with Nigel and Brendan's family, which is why it was incorporated in the name of the business.

Nigel Decontie


Josh Larminay


Brendan Decontie